Financing or Leasing Your Vehicle Couldn't Be Easier at Reagor Dykes Auto Mall Midland

Does buying a vehicle feel a bit like an obstacle course? You must select the vehicle that you think will suit you and your needs best, then take on the hurdle of the test drive. Did it pass? If not, you're back to the starting blocks. If so, then it's off to the finance office for another grueling round. "Grueling," doesn't have to define your auto financing experience though. At Reagor Dykes Auto Mall Midland, we pride ourselves on offering a great financing experience to our customers. We have a knowledgeable and friendly finance team who will go the distance and make sure that your every question is answered. Enjoy the many perks of financing your new or pre-owned vehicle at our dealership.
  • Financing with our dealership is ultra-convenient. Why stress yourself out with trips to and from another financial institution across town, when everything can be taken care of with ease right here on-site? 
  • We work with a number of different auto lenders. That's good news for you, because it means that our rates stay competitive.  
  • Have questions about terms or rates? Ask away! Our finance gurus will be happy to help in any way that they can.

Used Car Leasing at Reagor Dykes Auto Mall Midland

Leasing cars is popular, but not many dealerships offer leasing opportunities on pre-owned vehicles. Here, we do.
  • Enjoy driving a slightly more expensive vehicle than you planned on. When you lease, it generally allows you to choose a pricier model with less of a monthly payment.
  • You can get a new-to-you vehicle every few years. 
  • There are little-to-no repair costs on leased vehicles.
  • Most leases are from two to five years. After that, you simply return your leased vehicle and choose something else, or buy your existing ride. 
We hope you'll stop in soon and learn more about our financing opportunities here at Reagor Dykes Auto Mall Midland. We're located in Midland, TX and proudly serve drivers from the neighboring areas of Odessa, San Angelo, and Big Spring, TX.